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Report Summary

WSDL Structure: OK

Score: 30 Beta

WSDL: 0 Errors, 0 Warnings, 2 Hints

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NamespaceURI: OK

Naming: OK

Report for Version 1

Documentation: HINT


Referenced Schemas

Namespace Errors Warnings Hints Embedded 0 3 3

PortType: hotelPortType

Documentation: HINT

Operation Input Output Faults
otaHotelResNotif otaHotelResNotifRequest otaHotelResNotifResponse
otaHotelInvCountNotif otaHotelInvCountNotifRequest otaHotelInvCountNotifResponse
otaHotelRateAmountNotif otaHotelRateAmountNotifRequest otaHotelRateAmountNotifResponse
otaHotelAvailNotif otaHotelAvailNotifRequest otaHotelAvailNotifResponse
otaHotelBookingRuleNotif otaHotelBookingRuleNotifRequest otaHotelBookingRuleNotifResponse
otaCancel otaCancelRequest otaCancelResponse
otaPing otaPingRequest otaPingResponse

Number of Operations: 7 OK

Naming of Operations: OK


Name Type PortType Style Policy
hotelBinding SOAP11 OK hotelPortType Document/Literal OK

Style Conformity: OK

Service: HotelService OK


Name Endpoint (Location) Documentation
hotelPort http://localhost:${HttpDefaultPort}/hotel/HotelService -

Naming of Ports: OK